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Personal Coaching

Improve At Home & Work With Personal Development Strategies

As leaders, we all have something holding us back, whether we recognize it or not. That "something" interferes in our business and personal lives. Let one of our experienced, personal growth coaches help push you beyond your plateau and help you reach your true potential. We find that in many cases, people tend to find excuses for frustration and lack of progress by blaming others or external situations. In reality, we control our own destinies and have the power within us to do what is necessary or find the resources we need to succeed. We just need a little help and support to surpass our personal barriers.

How We Help

Your personal coach uses proven coaching and mentoring strategies developed by Anthony Robbins and Cloe Mandanes to help you break through to the next level. Methods such as Human Need Psychology and NLP techniques can help you discover and conquer limiting beliefs that restrict your freedom to succeed and break them down. A typical engagement is segmented into four different but integrated parts. Each of these parts is highly collaborative.

The First Conversation

Our first conversation is a "getting to know each other" style chat. We'll determine what it is you are looking to achieve or conquer. Given that this meeting is only 30 minutes, we won't get down to details and you won't find a solution here. This is more to establish whether or not you think you would like to work with us. This first session is free and without any obligation on either side.


This personal coaching session is where we get to the details and bring clarity to the goals you want to achieve. Here, we challenge the reasons you haven't succeeded thus far and really explore what might be preventing your action and forward movement. Often, this is where personal breakthroughs take place and lives truly change. You can expect homework at this stage.

Developing a Strategy

Here, your personal coach will have developed a clear understanding of what you are looking to achieve. At this stage, together with your coach, you will create a map that includes actions and accountabilities that will get you where you need to be. Expect to take action and to have homework in this stage as well. This is where the journey really begins and becomes something significantly more life-changing.

Stairs to Success

Growth & Sustainment

Underpinning the whole of your journey is the support you receive from your personal coach. Along the way, they will help you reflect and assess how things are going and whether the results you achieve match your expectations, as well as theirs. This stage lets us ensure that the strategies we have designed deliver the value you expect. It's important to mention that your coach will hold you accountable for taking the agreed-upon actions in order to achieve what you are looking for. However, this is your journey and you can control how slow or how fast it goes. We understand busy schedules and how hard it can be to fit everything in, and we'll do everything possible to accommodate you without compromising results. Helping people improve their lives motivates us, so if we feel you aren't serious, we will refer you to someone who can better support you.