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Business Coaching

Effective Business Strategies & Support

Competition today is tougher than ever. Clients are becoming more intelligent about what they want, what they need, and how they can get it. Technology has leveled the playing field across many industries with the cost to entry dramatically reduced, allowing small, nimble service providers to jump in.

One thing is true regardless of the size or position your company plays in your industry: change is guaranteed and if you are not only embracing innovation and hiring the best talent, you must also be prepared for the transition events that go with that change or you will end up the success story of yesterday. Having a solid vision and an equally solid company strategy are table stakes today. So many companies lack one or more of these and end up in a very confused state. Internally, their staff members tend to lack direction and true accountability. Externally, the customers feel confused and neglected. The "C" suite executives are at odds with each other, jostling for superiority on a directionless ship that can't find land. The questions every exec and every team member should be asking over and over are:

  • "What do I need to be aware of to ensure the stability of this company?"
  • How can we deliver more value than our competitors?"
  • "How do I constantly improve myself and my team to stay relevant and in front?"

We Help You Find The Answers

At Change Creates, we help you find the answers to those questions. We also help create the strategies necessary to take you and your business forward. We help design and implement the actions required to help your business grow. We are here to help you lead yourself and your team through the challenges thrown at you and acheive the goals you have to meet to succeed during and beyond, this very challenging time.

The Proposal

If we feel we can help you, we will use the information gathered during the initial meeting to draft a proposal that details the objectives and timeframes. This provides a roadmap of how we intend to deliver on the objectives and includes a full and transparent fee schedule. Collaboration is essential to our business model, and we welcome the opportunity to reset a proposal to capture amendments which must be made.

The Engagement

Engagements differ based on the unique needs of each client. Below, you'll find several options, but your experience may not fit perfectly into any single one. We customize our approach to each business and its unique needs and goals.

Businesspeople in Meeting

Corporate & Executive Support

Helping companies and executives to navigate through the continuous cycles of business and operational innovation by helping to develop robust transitional strategies while providing on the ground, unfaltering client support. We work with you to create strategies that incorporate the executive and team members, accounting for technology implememtations, work place psychology and communication planning. We take an holistic approach that ensures that your customers continue to receive an amazing experience, even through your toughest ransition event.


We have all been in a situation where we need to make changes in how we do things. Generally, we call a meeting of all our senior managers and present the challenge. It is not surprising when, after 2 hours of discussion, no ground has been made toward a solution. The reason is alignment. Each exec has a different view on what is important and how to get there. Does the head of information technology see things the same way the head of risk sees things? Not a chance! Our facilitation solutions help to develop a collaborative approach leading to a consensus around the solution and action plan of how to get there.

Leadership & Team Development

We leverage extensive experience in building and developing teams globally to successfully create multicultural and diverse teams that continuously deliver against the company strategy and objectives, combined with the strategies and techniques of SI. This helps you develop the most dynamic and innovative teams in your industry.

Business Strategy & Analysis

Many companies begin with the objective of trying to solve a problem. Initially, they do well. In fact, if their value proposition is unique and delivers a lot of value, then often sales can be almost vertical. This is not a strategy that has long-term sustainment of value and profitability. All too often, after a strong demand and growth phase, the business owner actually has constricted cash flow and is unable to meet the increasing demand. Having focused on product and service delivery, the core business mechanics have been neglected. Our business consulting team can help develop a business strategy that will allow for long-term growth and profitability, giving you the ability to scale your business and expand in a controlled way.