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Ian Woodley's Biography

Ian Woodley

Founder Ian Woodley's career led him into senior management with Fortune 100 companies, which allowed him to lead business and teams through many change situations, globaly. He's also been a small business owner, with businesses in both Europe and North America. Now, he leads Change Creates, where we help clients develop innovative strategies for their business and personal lives that help fuel growth and success.  While providing support during the planning, transitional phases and beyond. 

Ian also had the opportunity to learn the strategies of Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes under Strategic Intervention, and collaborating with other industry leaders. He is a RMT Master Coach.

Ian has dedicated a large part of his life over the last 30 years to develop strategies and techniques that lead to the design and achievement of compelling outcomes, both in business and personal growth. This has led to a quest to understand the psychology behind both actions and non-actions. The discoveries, techniques, and strategies from this experience help clients navigate the continous cycles of innovation and competition. They provide stability and certainty to team members and customers alike. At the same time, creating better, more functional leaders and employees for business, driving business performance ever-higher. Today, we deliver the best of those lessons to help you make the most of your business by delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. Learn More →


"I wanted to thank you for all the great sessions that we've had together. They provided me with a lot of guidance, clarity, openness of mind, patience, inspiration and so much more. I don't think I would have been ready for that new and very different experience without all the work that we did together. I feel like everything was perfectly aligned for it.

I am so appreciative of the work that we did together and how comfortable you made me while I shared lots of personal things that I don't think I had ever said out loud. The Strategic Intervention style was new to me and I really like the approach and the advices too. My experience with coaching had always been where the coach is not "allowed" to give you any tips or share their experiences but your perspective on things was so helpful." 

J.J – Entrepreneur, Canada 


"I’ve been using the services of Change Creates for almost a year now. During this time, I have made a number of positive changes in my life. Working with Ian, and I do mean “work,” has been challenging as I have been encouraged to push my boundaries and open up to examine preconceived notions about myself, how I view the world and the people around me. While this has been at times quite painful, it has been more rewarding and the associated growth I have personally experienced is the driving force behind this note. If you are “on the fence” about whether or not to take the services of having a personal or executive coach, I would suggest trying it out a few times and I would do so with Ian. He listens, is patient and, I believe, knows when to turn up the pressure to get results."

All the best in your journey!
A.B Business Owner, Canada


"Ian Woodley had been coaching me for a year. While I have been with a number of really great coaches I find he is a truly remarkable person and coach.

I can't express in words in how many ways he helped me and keeps doing so, as I progress towards my goals while dealing with my ongoing business and personal life.

I highly recommend him for anyone who values integrity, honesty, class, wisdom, knowledge and experience. He is a natural."

I feel incredibly lucky that I found him. Priceless!
- E.S., Business Owner, USA


"Ian Woodley worked with my company in a consulting capacity. The time and efforts he has contributed to my company have been invaluable. Ian’s services came at a time of definite need for both myself and my company and the issues he worked through were immediate and urgent issues. Our discussions pertaining to the future indicted Ian’s ability to also offer this strength’s regarding the setting and obtaining of realistic, measurable goals for the future.

Ian’s knowledge and expertise helped me to work through staffing issues, the procurement of a new premises, the move of our business as well as questions pertaining to the general day to day operations of the company.

Ian has exceptional character, never failing to be professional and courteous in all communication. I could count on Ian for an honest opinion or recommendation in all matters." 

L.M – Business Owner, Canada

"Engaging Ian Woodley as a coach has been one of the best professional development moves I could have made. His calm demeanor puts you at ease even while his questioning compels you to challenge the hidden beliefs that hold you back. We all have internal stories that we tell ourselves about who and what we are – Ian encourages us to bring these stories to light to test them and make sure they still serve our true selves and current goals.

There are numerous kinds and styles of career and life coaching available today, and they each have their place, but Ian’s approach considers the whole person and the alignment of all key areas to reach true success and happiness. I cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Ian’s coaching expertise. I know I have!

D.B – Canada 

"Ian has been a great pillar of my growth in my past year. Every time I have spoken with him, I have got big value out of it and he helped me a lot in thinking in a broader way about my problems. He is definitely a coach that I would recommend!

A. Pieroni – Mindvally, Kuala Lumpur